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Are You Looking For a Successful Renovation or Custom Home Build?

Do your due diligence before embarking on the biggest investment of your life. We can help you avoid the nightmarish building situations you hear about. Maintain your peace of mind and keep control of your renovation project or custom home build with Hamlet Homes Consulting. Call Us Before It Becomes An Emergency.

"We wish we had known about hamlet homes consulting before we hired a builder. Had we known then what Hamlet Has since taught us, we can honestly say that we would have saved hundreds of thousands of dollars and years of frustration." 

Testimonial by: Liam & Terri



How many nightmarish renovation or building horror stories have you heard or seen on TV? While investing in your new home, it is important to look beyond just the plan, the timeline, and the potential outcome. Call us for assistance to do your due diligence before embarking on a building project. We can help avoid situations before they become an emergency. With over four decades of experience in building custom homes and renovation projects, we have the knowledge and expertise to help protect you from going over budget during the renovation or construction process and from unscrupulous contractors.

At Hamlet Homes Consulting, you can benefit from our wide range of consultant services. If you are planning to start your project, we encourage you to ask questions such as:

  • Is the contract and scope of work clear and in writing?

  • Does my builder have a business licence, builders licence, and workers compensation? 

  • Is my builder insured? 

  • How do I verify if he has the right level of coverage for my project?

  • Is the work warrantied?

  • How do I check the quality of work?

  • How to achieve the required quality instead of only meeting the necessary building codes?

  • Am I in a position to make the right decisions regarding vital systems, such as HVAC, waterproofing, and structured wiring? 

  • How do I know if I am being scammed?

Hamlet Homes Consulting provides answers to all your questions and will be with you right from the time when you think of renovating your home. We can also help you in the middle of a contract as a mediator. Our job is done when you gain the required permissions, hire the right builder or suppliers, and finalize the contract. We are trusted industry experts and we aim to clean up the construction industry by eliminating fraudulent practices.

Building Consulting Services in BC

At Hamlet Homes Consulting, we make new construction and renovation dreams come alive for homeowners. We offer home construction consulting in BC. If you wish to invest in a new construction, we can provide a detailed consultation prior to you commencing work on your project. We have been a part of the industry for many years and will provide you with invaluable insights on the construction work. We can educate you about which questions to ask your prospective builder or renovator and take you through all of the steps required for a successful project.



Protect yourself from unscrupulous contractors by choosing Hamlet Homes Consulting as your building consultant. We can help you find the right builder for your project.



Benefit from our diverse knowledge and insights of the construction industry. Check out our answers to frequently asked building construction questions.



Been in the industry for over 40 years, we offer extensive knowledge that few can provide. See what our clients are saying.

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