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Thank You for Putting Your Trust in Hamlet Homes Consulting

We do the due diligence needed to protect your investment by helping you choose the right builder for your project.


Hamlet Homes Consulting has been in the industry for over four decades and has an ever-growing client base. Feel free to read the feedback from our clients. If you would like to learn more about the services we offer, contact us and ask any questions that you may have.


“We wish we had known about Hamlet Homes Consulting before we hired a builder in 2015. Had we known then what Hamlet Homes Consulting has since taught us, we can honestly say that we would have saved hundreds of thousands of dollars and years of frustration.

We thought we had done our due diligence before hiring our builder, but it turned out that we had no idea how to protect ourselves in an industry that is rife for taking advantage of people. What should have been an exciting and positive experience in our lives turned out to be a complete nightmare that is still not over in 2019. The most important lesson we have learned from all of our heartache is how crucial it is to hire a good, honest builder. In BC, you cannot simply fire a bad builder and hire another builder to finish your home. The Homeowner Protection Act ties homeowners to their builder until the house is substantially complete, regardless of the circumstances. So even if, for example, your builder is dishonest, or breaches your contract, or stops allocating resources to your build do that no progress is being made, or significantly exceeds his budget and completion date without any changes being made by you to justify the overages, etc., you cannot get rid of the builder unless you are willing to become an “owner builder” and finish your own home, or unless you can miraculously find another builder who is willing to warranty your bad builder’s work. The extent of the emotional trauma and the loss of money, time and energy that can result from hiring a bad builder is hard to describe other than it is devastating.

Hamlet Homes Consulting’s expertise and protocols would have easily identified our builder as one to avoid when the normal due diligence failed us. Even though we did not have the benefit of Hamlet Homes Consulting’s involvement in our build when it would have helped us most, their invaluable assistance and constant support have since kept us from giving up on our home many times. Their honesty and integrity are a breath of fresh air in this industry, and their passion to prevent other people from going through what we went through is inspiring. We would never renovate or build again without involving Hamlet Homes Consulting.”

-Liam and Terri.


“We would like to start by thanking Hamlet Homes Consulting again. I don’t think we could ever thank them enough for wanting to help us and for getting involved in our nightmare of trusting a bad builder. Our situation was so unbelievable and shocking that Hamlet Homes Consulting wanted to protect others from this ever happening to them. Our lack of knowledge and trusting a stranger (builder), not doing our research on the builder, all the extra financial costs, along with all the legal, had an impact on our health, and the effects on us trying to run our business were so hard. There are bad builders out there; when buying a home, one should be more protected and informed. All the best, Hamlet Homes Consulting, in your future advising others in advance!”

- Wanda and Bill C.


"We would not renovate or build a home again without contacting Hamlet Homes Consulting first. We recently contacted them for advice half way through a build that looks like it will take twice as long and cost substantially more than we expected. After meeting with Hamlet Homes Consulting, we now understand all of the things we should have done to protect ourselves before the build even started. Knowing how to interview builders, what to look for in a construction contract, what information and documentation to get from builders and how to meaningfully compare budget quotes from prospective builders would have saved us a lot of money and a lot of grief. We would recommend Hamlet Homes Consulting to anyone."


“I just wanted to send an email to say thank you very much for giving me Hamlet Homes Consulting’s name. I am so happy to have been put in touch with them.

A few weeks ago I received an invoice from my contractor that was almost double the initial quote and the work was still not even complete. I tried to reason with the contractor but got nowhere. I was frantic because I didn’t want to keep spending money that I hadn’t budgeted for. 

I called your organization for advice and was given a team member’s name and information. Immediately upon speaking with the team I felt reassured. The team met with me and reviewed the documents. They then made recommendations regarding how to proceed. A team member actually came with me to meet the contractor and helped us come to a resolution. I really don’t think that I would have been able to do this on my own. Hamlet Homes Consulting‘s expertise was invaluable to me. Thank you so very much again!”

- Meredith D.


“I met with Hamlet Homes Consulting through mutual friends almost a decade ago. I began working with Hamlet Homes Consulting on some smaller building projects and was incredibly impressed with their style, professionalism, ability to work and communicate within the team, the city, the inspectors, the other trades and of course myself. To date, their team has completed 5 projects ranging from a smaller renovation of my office to four major extensions at a cost of roughly $600,000. I travel often for my work and Hamlet Homes Consulting has had access to every part of my home, office and life. Their integrity and care of my home is second to none. Winning two gold Tommie Awards for building excellence for both interior and exterior renovations demonstrates the extremely high quality of the finished project. Every time someone walks in my home they are truly blown away with the quality and finishing. On a final note, Hamlet Homes Consulting was instrumental in all decisions and we spent many hours brainstorming and testing ideas, which included making many changes. Their flexibility and willingness to really listen and understand my needs is what truly sets Hamlet Homes apart from other builders.”

- Dave W.


“Hamlet Homes Consulting worked closely with my wife and I to renovate our house from top to bottom. Over the course of five months, the team worked with our plans for the renovation and diligently dealt with each of the phases of the renovation. The final product is fantastic and we are very pleased. Our experience with their team was the best we have had over the course of renovating houses and building new ones over the last 18 years in BC, Alberta and Ontario.

The crew accepted plans as developed, but provided some good input on how to improve. They listened to us and then responded with a positive attitude to complete the work with quality. Unexpected challenges were dealt with promptly and they were always there for us. What we appreciated most, was the good working relationship that we developed with the Hamlet Homes Consulting team, which is invaluable when dealing with renovation work.”

- John & Judy M.


“Hamlet Homes was the general contractor for a new custom home build on Richter Street. We had hired them for other projects over the past few years and always appreciated their commitment to quality. During the construction process, they proved to be adept at navigating the permitting and inspection processes at City Hall and provided us with copies of all the required inspections, and they ensured the trades were scheduled appropriately to ensure the site was never idle. They were very hands-on with the selection of finishing materials, usually accompanying us as we visited suppliers, and their advice and eye for detail were very helpful.

We conducted almost daily visits to the construction site and at no time did we have any concerns with the workmanship. Some six months after moving in, we have not found any issues with the condition of either the interior or exterior of the home and we are very satisfied with the finished product.

We would certainly recommend Hamlet Homes Consulting to anyone wishing to build a new home. We found them to be an honest, professional, and skilled builder.” 
– Trent P.


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