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Do you know how to protect yourself from becoming the next victim of an unscrupulous contractor? Hamlet Homes Consulting can educate and prepare you for the biggest investment of your life so you’re ready to hire a builder to build your dream home with less stress and more confidence. Turn a daunting and often scary process into a positive experience by choosing Hamlet Home Consulting’s building consultation services in BC.


Our process begins with your free initial one-hour consultation. This first meeting will allow us to navigate you through all of the steps required for a successful project. We offer Proactive Consultation Services for clients just getting started on their project, and Mediation Services for clients that are in the middle of a new home build or renovation project and need help. 

Proactive Consultation Services

Whether you're looking to renovate, or construct a new home, Hamlet Homes Consulting will assist and guide throughout the pre-construction process to ensure you are employing the right contractor for your project. Have you heard the expression: "The devil is in the details?" The scope of the work needs to be determined and flushed out by the end of the design phase. This is critical to allow all building contractors the opportunity to bid on your project equally. When it comes to contractors, you need to be able to compare apples to apples. Hiring a building consultant also helps create a level playing field of specifications that you can bring to your selected contractors for more accurate and objective pricing. Some of our services are listed below:

  • Architect, designer selection and/or managing
  • Retaining the right builder for your job and/or managing your builder
  • Preparing you with the right questions to ask your contractors before you sign a contract
  • Background checks to find and filter out potential red flags before you sign a contract. We research important details including:
    • The builders’ reputation for scheduling issues
    • Whether they pay their bills
    • Whether they have filed a lien on past clients’ homes
    • Whether they are insured
  • Project overview and recommendations
  • Material selection and Specification Sheet assistance

Mediation Services

Having our independent building consultant in your corner is the ideal solution to help protect the biggest investment you may make in your life. If you are the victim of an unscrupulous contractor, or are concerned about your contractual rights, or just need help getting your project back on track we can help! Our Mediation Services include some of the following services:

  • Invoice review and expense investigations expenses –
    • We will work to have your contractor provide justification for their invoices/expenses.
  • Quality control –
    • We will provide independent inspector deficiency documentation at project completion.
    • We will provide your legal team with our building audit results if applicable.
    • We know and understand your rights and will ensure you know and understand them too.
  • Problem solving
  • Crisis management


Are you starting a new building project? We can help do your due diligence before you make the biggest investment of your life. Schedule your free initial consultation with us. Please fill out the form below.





Simplify the Building Process with Hamlet Homes Consulting's Valuable Knowledge and Expertise!



Having our independent building consultant in your corner is the ideal solution to help mitigate your fears.

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